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1st Card In One Year Clive Was Allowed To Send To William

The following card was the first communication the Santa Cruz "Family" Court allowed Clive to send to his son William following Commissioner Irwin Joseph issuing an order to evict Clive from Clive's home and the Judge Samuel S. Stevens issuing a warrant to arrest Clive and the Sheriffs holding Clive in jail with bail set at $200,000 while Joseph, Stevens, Atack, Barton, Lee and the Sheriffs went to the US District Court in San Jose to get the case Clive was prosecuting against them dismissed. See: Comm. Irwin Joseph's Crimes,  Anamaria objected to some of the contents and Judge Salazar modified the card as shown (deleted words are shown with a line through them added words are in red).



Loves You forever

and Ever and Ever.

Nothing can stand between our love,
not orders, nor space, nor time.

Love is everlasting, patient, forgiving.

Love does not harm.

Love builds up.

Love does not separate.

Love is powerful.

Love is strong.

Love is life itself.

I love you my boy,
forever and ever and ever.

Soon that which separates us will pass.

Be strong, be patient, and most of all
never, never, never give up!

We can fix anything.




Dear William,


I love you more than words could ever tell and miss you so very, very much.


Please be patient, this is the first letter I have been allowed by the court to write to you since we were together a year ago!


Things will change. I miss you so very, very much and can not wait till I am allowed to see you again.  You can email me at  I hope I am allowed to write to you again too and reply to your emails.


I am ok and working hard to be able to have you back.  Lucky is ok and taking good care of me. He is such a sweet doggie and is very well behaved.  I have taught him to walk next to me without a leash.  Whenever he sees any boys he runs up to them looking for you and he misses you too very much too.


Soon we will be back together again and I can teach you snowboarding and boogie boarding and you can ride with me on my surf board. 


Be patient, be strong and be loving, this time will pass and soon we will be together again and will have all the fun we always have together.


I love you so very much my boy, and miss you more than anything!  All my love, hugs and kisses,


Your Dada


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