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5th False Arrest & Assault By CHP

These files show how CHP after failing to even make appearances in the 2nd lawsuit Clive filed against them for a false DUI arrest pick out Clive from passengers They accuse Clive of being drunk in public. Clive was neither drunk nor in public. They also assault Clive.

Clive is brought to trial in front of Judge Ariane Simons who, like the former DA and Judge Art Danner is rated as not qualified by the Judicial Nominations Committee. Simons a former Ass. DA gives Clive a sham trial and instructs the jury that they must find Clive guilty if he did not give his age to the cops who were clearly taunting Clive regarding his age. Clive is consequentially found guilty. When Attorney David Beauvias comes to the sentencing hearing and asks the judge what she is doing, at first she tried to bully her way through to sentence Clive. The assistant DA was asking for a sentence in excess of six months for Clive not giving his age to the cop. After Mr. Beauveas pointed out to Simons that she could not instruct the jury to find Clive guilty for not giving his age to the cop, Simons finally retracted and reversed the trial. District Attorney Bob Lee still wants to try the case again. This is the seventh case the government has filed against Clive since they tried to murder him in front of his children.



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