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Proof Of Government Abuse

Please recognize that this Proof of Abuse section is horribly out of date - C has been too busy researching and developing solutions to keep it up to date.

Latest Assaults on Clive

Ongoing Assault on Clive

Read More On The Many Assaults on Clive

As We Launch The SOLUTION CopperCards, the Government Attacks -ACTION ALERT! Commissioner Irwin Joseph one of the primary defendants in the lawsuit, Clive Boustred, the Founder of Liberty For Life, filed against the government has ordered Clive evicted from his home and homestead on the day Joseph is trying to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit. read more...  Latest News: Santa Cruz Sheriffs say they will not follow Commissioner Irwin Josephs outrageous order, then they change their mind and go after Clive with a vengeance equivalent to someone trying to cover-up an attempted murder, the attempted murder of Clive by the Santa Cruz Sheriffs on March 10, 2003. Latest Gov Assault on Clive

There is a saying in Washington D.C.:
"Forget the crime it is the cover up that causes the real damage".

In this section we provide "Proof Well Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt" that our U.S. Government's Judicial and Criminal System Is Utterly & Categorically Out of Control.  Expect significantly more cases to be covered here.  Please visit the San Jose Mercury News - Tainted Trial Stolen Justice site covering corruption in the judicial system

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Malicious Prosecution Cases


FEATURE: The Malicious Prosecution of Clive Boustred - Founder Liberty For Life & InfoTelesys, Inc. Following The Attempted Murder of Mr. Boustred By Santa Cruz Sheriffs - Update in Progress
Latest News:

Founder files 3rd Lawsuit filed against the State: Following the State's refusal to follow the law and pay out on Liberty For Life Chairman's first two lawsuits, Mr. Boustred and the companies he represents have filed a 3rd lawsuit to collect on the first two and to press charges that were not addressed in the first two suits.  Access the Lawsuit in Word Format here and HTLM here

Clive won his billion dollar lawsuit against Santa Cruz, State of California & U.S. through default.  In a year and a half of hearings, not one of the nine accused judges, seven cops, four DA's, five lawyers and other parties dared to make any appearance or denial of charges brought against them.  However, Judge Jeremy Fogel, a defendant in the case, dismissed the case against himself and his colleagues. 

In a second case Clive filed against the government for a fourth false arrest not covered in the first case, Clive filed an successfully filed identical legal pleading to a similar case (excepting for names / locations and minor details).  After the first hearing, Judge James Ware, also know as "lying judge Ware",  immediately dismissed the case despite the fact that Judge Ware never had subject matter jurisdiction as the case was filed under the 11th Amendment and Ware could never obtain standing in any case because of his bad standing for having lied throughout most of his career.  Ironically, Judge Ware's lie was a heart wrenching story he told about when he was a boy in Alabama how his brother was shot off the handlebars of his bicycle in racial unrest.  When Clive told Judge Ware that the Sheriffs had attempted to blow his head off in front of his kids, Ware asked Clive if he was on drugs.  After discovering that Clive was speaking the truth Ware quickly moved to dismiss the case before Clive could even have a second hearing.

What does the government do when you don't turn up to to cases they file against you? They throw you in jail.  What happens if you do not turn up to defend yourself in a civil case?  You loose by default.  What happens if you don't pay your taxes?  The government confiscates your property and throws you in jail.
What happens when you sue 9 judges 7 cops, 4 DA's, 4 lawyers, multiple County and State employees for outrageous crimes committed against yourself and not one of the defendants makes any appearance or even files any denial in more than a year and a half of hearings?  The government dismisses you and your case.

Proof the government refuses to follow the law: Read the Opening Brief On Appeal Complaint; Demand Judge Follow The LAW & Refusal of Judgment.   Lawsuit filed against State: InfoTelesys v. State Proof our government is nothing less than a bunch of filthy criminals and they have the audacity to file false criminal charges against us!  What would you do?

Astonishingly and ridiculously the government is claiming "Sovereign immunity" under the 11th Amendment, an Amendment which has absolutely nothing to do with any immunity sovereign or otherwise, but an Amendment which specifically precludes Judicial Poser leaving only Judy Power.
See 11th: No Judicial Power

The Apathy of The General Populous: Unless you have suffered abuse or know someone with personal experience of governmental abuse, you are likely to have difficulty coming to terms with or even acknowledging how totally out of control our government really is. 

"Ignoring a tyrant destines one to become a subject
of the tyrant." - SOC


History has shown that populations tend to choose to disbelieve allegations brought against their governments. 

Governments, by nature of their position of authority have learned that they can literally get away with murder, and their subjects will tend to choose to ignore the facts, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.  This psychological blindness, or blinkers reflects a condition we call "The Apathy of The General Populous".  The problem people have is that if they acknowledge the facts, their conscience generally demands they act.  However, people just want to live their lives free of tyranny.  If they raise their head and speak out, they fear they will be the target of government abuse.  Consequentially, people resolve to a state of apathy where they do noting.  One by one their neighbors are consumed by the tyrant, until they too are overtaken by what they chose to ignore.


San Jose Mercury News
Tainted Trial Stolen Justice

In outstanding reporting, unfortunately far too uncommon in the U.S., the San Jose Mercury News ran an expose on the corruption in our courts.  Analyzing 700 cases in California's 6th Appellate Court.  One out in four cases were found to blatantly violate the law, yet the court only overturns one in one hundred cases. 

Prosecutors, Cops and Judges know that they need not follow any law.  By slamming a innocent defendant with false charge after false charge, the government knows that the defendant will be mired in years of bureaucracy and punishment, that the chances of overturning a sham trial are only one in one hundred, regardless of how blatant the violations.  Most victims of our Judicial system are blackmailed into highly illegal Plea Bargains.

Modern Day Judas': District Attorney’s who engage in Malicious Prosecution:
Are prosecutors who condemning the innocent to build their careers on prosecutional kills through deception not possibly the filthiest criminals in our society?

Officials are knowingly employing their positions of trust and authority to sell salves of injustice for their own filthy gain.  When challenged, officials such as these typically turn around and try to claim immunity for the crimes they commit and the government who acts on a flash to throw the innocent in jail goes silent. What should the penalty be for these modern day Judas'.


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