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Worried Feds Likely To Arrest Mickey Mouse For Dollar Impersonation

Following the recent FBI seizure of Ron Paul dollars, commemorative coins sold by Bernard von NotHaus of Norfed, Inc. of Evansville, Indiana, it appears that the Fed’s are bent on arresting Mickey Mouse too.

von NotHaus who served 25 years as the mintmaster for the Royal Hawaiian Mint told reporters "They [the Feds] took everything, all of the computers, everything but the desks and chairs," Busting into the Sunshine Mint in Coer D'Alene, Idaho, the company that manufactures Norfed’s coins, the FBI made off with huge pallets of silver and gold coins baring images of Ron Paul that were worth more than one million ‘Fed dollars’. Norfed’s von NotHaus said "The federal government really is afraid." NORFED stands for “National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Codes”.

The Fed’s sure are after Bernard von NotHaus, after stealing his coins, naturally the Fed’s will have to prosecute Bernard. Bernard, a man of real silver and gold, is no stranger to the Fed’s paper tactics, he added "once the federal government starts an investigation like this and takes it to a grand jury, they can indict a ham sandwich."

One wonders which Nut House Alice in Wonderland Judge the Feds with bring von NotHaus before for painting his Ron Paul coins silver and gold.

If you are thinking this article is some satire or dry British crown humor, think again, it’s for real. This is the Land of Lost Liberty, LOLL…

On Ebay $20 Ron Paul dollars are now selling for more than $170.  Now that's appreciation, sort of the opposite of the depreciating Fed's dollars.

Meanwhile, back in Disneyland, the money changers exchanging the Fed’s paper dollar Notes, Notes that, mind you, are not guaranteed by anything other than “Full faith and credit of the United States Government”, ok, ok, we wont go there, well the Disneyland students dressed up as Alice, Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy are apparently a little worried that the Feds are going to bust through Disneyland’s gates brandishing real guns and steal all the Disney Dollars they swap for Fed $ Notes.

Greenspan however said he thought Mickey’s bubble was about to burst and offered to hold Mickey’s hand.  When Mickey asked what happened to his wallet, Greenspan said it was irrationally exuberant taxes that took it.  We can't help postulate as to when Greenspan's bubble is going to burst.  Is the Federal Reserve Bank scam about to burst, will their dollar Notes crash?

Perhaps an even slyer slight of hand than the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank Act, somehow, the Federal Reserve Bank has managed to deceive U.S. citizens into believing the Fed dollar Notes somehow belong to "we the people" when they don't.  Citizens 'in the know' who want to transfer their funds to what Greenspan calls "asset-backed securities" like silver and gold Ron Pall coins, have the Feds worried.

Meanwhile mainstream media will quietly censor the story of the Fed’s stealing the gold and silver (again) and of course they will continue to censor Ron Paul.  It's because of Ron Paul's opposition to private bankers owning the U.S. dollar and his revealing exposure of illegality of the IRS that gets him little if any publicity from the banksters mainstream media. 

Ron Paul, the only honest Presidential candidate, who receives as many or more votes as any other Presidential candidate, however, employing similar methods to the Bush Presidential election the Feds steal the votes and hand them to people like McCain who support the Fed's fraud, depressions and wars.

After all, imagine if your daddy was one of the Federal Reserve Bank owners like the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Lazard’s, Lehman’s, Kuhn’s, Seaf’s and Warburg’s and you could write a check for any number of Federal Reserve Notes you desired. Hey, you too would be pretty ticked off with NotHaus for making coins out of real gold and silver after all the work your pop’s did to build their Old New World Order.

Hey, at least the Fed's Mickey Mouse Monopoly money, which they create out of stale air, is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the politicians and government they own.  Who after all, wouldn't have full faith and trust in a politician?

Dam, the mainstream media company reporters, Federal agents and Judges had better dance to the tune of the Wizard of Oz in Alice in Wonderland.  Or is it the Land of the Evil OG (Over Government)? Whatever it is, it sure is the Land of Lost Liberty, visit for a teaspoon of truth or even the whole teapot. If reading the truth frightens you, pinch yourself, you’re no longer in Wonderland.


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