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Nazi Bushes - Prescott Sheldon Bush

Bush HitlerPrescott Sheldon Bush (May 15, 1895 — October 8, 1972) father of President George H.W. Bush and grandfather of President George W. Bush was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for the United States Senate.  However in 1950, he obtained a seat in the Senate after the death of Senator James O'Brien.  Prescott Bush was also a Wall Street executive banker with Brown Brothers / Harriman who were one of the key financiers of the Nazi's.

On October 20, 1942, President Roosevelt signed the Trading With the Enemy Act and the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations.  Prescott Bush was charged with trading with the enemy, however, other than being charged we don't believe he was ever held accountable.  Nazi based Brown Brothers / Harriman interests in New York were seized, these assets included:

The Nazi assets sized by the U.S. government were held in safekeeping by the government for the duration of the war then returned to their owners after the war.  Prescott Bush, who was on the board of directors of Union Banking Corporation was reimbursed $1,500,000. These Nazi war assets were responsible for launching the Bush family fortune.

Manuscripts proving Prescott Bush's Nazi ties can be found in the National Archives and the Library of Congress documenting the business relationship between W. Averell Harriman, George Herbert Walker, and Prescott Bush, who served as U.S. partners of, and private bankers for, Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, the financial architect of The Third Reich.

"If we pursue this way, if we are decent, industrious, and honest, if we so loyally and truly fulfill our duty, then it is my conviction that in the future as in the past the Lord God will always help us" - Adolf Hitler, at the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival on the Buckeburg held on 3 Oct. 1937"I believe that God wants me to be president." - George W. Bush = "I would like to thank Providence and the Almighty for choosing me of all people to be allowed to wage this battle for Germany" - Hitler - Berlin March, 1936
"Never in these long years have we offered any other prayer but this: Lord, grant to our people peace at home, and grant and preserve to them peace from the foreign foe!" - Hitler - Nuremberg Sept. 13, 1936."God is not on the side of any nation, yet we know He is on the side of justice. Our finest moments [as a nation] have come when we faithfully served the cause of justice for our own citizens, and for the people of other lands." - George W. Bush

"freedom and fear, justice and cruelty have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them." - George W. Bush

An more in depth article showing the links to the Bush Crime Family & Hitler by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today.

See:See Bush & Hitler Connection - pdf,- Bush Bin Laden Bonanza,- Bush Bolt Hole,- Bush Above The Law,- Our Esteemed President George W,- Is George Bush Jr. an Evil Crowley?  for more information on the Bush family.

Also look into the Yale Bones Club & Chapter 322 Connection...

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