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Sovereign Citizen Movement

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The '''sovereign citizen movement''' is a well informed group of people who have studied historical events and economic events in both the [[United States|America]] and [[Australian Territories|Australia]], who have found that the same attempts at political control have been used in both of their nations, in secret, by others who do not disclose their true intentions. They are also called "secured party creditors" and "sovereign citizens", and they are vigilant of their civil rights and attempts by others to suppress those rights, take their money to fund private government corporations, and fraud in or by government.

From the Novus Ordo SeclorumRand Institute, Freedom Conference in Oakland, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2009, By Tim Turner Novus Ordo Seclorum:

Sovereign Theory

 There are 25 million North Americans who identify themselves as sovereign Americans in 2009 A.D. according to the C.I.A. figures (Tim Turner of and current Secretary of State for the newly formed Republic of the United States, Freedom Conference presentation, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2009, Oakland, CA).

Most currently active sovereign Americans describe themselves as Secured Party Creditors (Redemption Method Handbook), which are private bankers. Self-described "sovereign citizens" believe that they have certain individual rights that are God Given Inalienable Rights described in the Constitution of the united (deliberate lower case u) States of American which were usurped when the Congress acting outside the Constitution after the Civil War in 1871 and 1878 incorporated the United States and copyrighted 8 versions of it's name, as a corporation of the British Commonwealth and incorporated the Constitution as its bylaws thereby making it changeable on whim rather than amendable by the four previous methods of Constitutional Amendment. At that point all people of the united States of America began to lose their rights to a corporation instead of retain them to a sovereign Republic of nation states [[popular sovereignty]],  and rights under [[English common law]].

The sovereignty dogma is that when the flesh and blood individual human being renounces through public notices recorded with a County Recorder, and makes a lien against a federal government created, unincorporated trust with the same name but in all capitalized letters, that he is not a "citizen of the United States" which is a 14th amendment Constitution of the united StatesNovus Ordo Seclorum construct intended as a status for freed negro slaves because they did not have a state citizenship, that then the flesh and blood individual reverts back to the state of sovereign American that they had prior to registering their birth with the corporation of the US govt.

The US citizen state never existed before the "War of Rebellion" or war between the states between 1861 and 1864. The federal government could not legally call the war a Civil War because that would legally acknowledge the sovereignty of each state in the union. If acknowledged as sovereign states then each of the sovereign states would have had the authority to secede from the Union.

Once the sovereign American's rebuttal of the presumption by the Court, which the Court makes under the doctrine of silence is acquiescence (no public rebuttal of the presumption because the contract was never disclosed to the sovereign American through fraud) based upon signatures made on government documents all of which contain unseen and undeclared adhesion contracts, the adhesion contracts become null and void. The public rebuttal by the sovereign American is that the flesh and blood individual is not responsible for an unincorporated trust created with the same, but all capitalized name, as the flesh and blood individual, and that the flesh and blood individual is a sovereign American who never agreed to be responsible for the trust in his/her all capitalized name nor to be responsible for the national debt.

The unincorporated trust that was created through fraud by the US Dept. of Commerce to float bonds on the international securities and bond market to pay the national debt interest, is then liened by the sovereign American, claiming ownership to the US Dept. of the Treasury, with notices to various other US govt offices, state offices, and the International Monetary Fund (to their collection agency, the IRS). Incidentally, not one penny of federal tax money goes to the U.S. government (Novus Ordo SeclorumRand Institute, Freedom Conference in Oakland, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2009, Tim Turner Novus Ordo Seclorum). At that point the person becomes sovereign again. and no longer subject to any state government corporation, state government courts or state government laws, and are not subject to the laws of the British corporation that is the [[United States government|federal government]].

The sovereign is still subject to the laws of the Constitution. The sovereign American believes that the corporation of the United States of America is operating in fraud and has no legal authority over the people. The sovereign Americans advance this concept by pointing out that on the back of the Social Security Card is another number, the first digit is an alpha designator for the federal reserve bank that holds the bond account for the trust created by the US Commerce Dept in the persons all capitalized name, and the remaining numeric part of the number is the bond account. Every time a flesh and blood individual is born in the U.S. and their parents record their birth through a hospital, the birth notice is then sent to the county govt dept of Health, then the State Dept of Health and Vital Statistics, then to the US Dept of Commerce who creates the trust in the flesh and blood individuals name. The US Treasury then borrows the money from one of the federal reserve banks (which are not federal, and have no reserves in them, the federal reserve banks are privately owned, pay no taxes and report no income to anyone) to purchase the bond against the unincorporated trust for that flesh and blood individual, and then they trade it on the market, using the flesh and blood persons name, without the persons knowledge or permission. This practice started at least as far back as 1933, when the federal reserve banks forced the corporation that is the US govt. into involuntary chapter 11 bankruptcy which it still remains in today. Every year that bankruptcy plan is reorganized and printed into the USC (United States Code), as the plan to pay the national debt, which can never be paid because the agreement with the banks is that the interest can be paid in Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) but that all principle on the debt must be paid in gold. The federal reserve banks bribed literally all the Congress over a period of years to go off the gold standard so that the debt can never be paid by the corporation that is the US govt. This plan is described in a book: Novus Ordo Seclorum"The Creature from Jekyll Island".

The Federal Reserve Bank Act has been amended over a hundred times since 1913 when it was voted in through the deception described by one of the largest federal reserve bank perpetrators in his book: "The Creature from Jekyll Island". Everything about this scheme to convert people to 14th Amendment citizens has involved money and how to get money to pay the national debt, a debt which can never be paid - unless the corporation that is the US govt, or it's "citizens" declare that the agreement with the federal reserve banks was made in fraud, without disclosure of material facts, such as, we will foreclose on your government, your government will no longer be sovereign, your people will lose their rights, and the banks will run your country.

Various governmental employees either out of ignorance, or personal interest, have denied these facts, which were implemented through HJR-192 (House Joint Resolution) voted in in 1933.

All the peoples assets, including their land, the vehicles, themselves as chattel, their energy, all of it, was pledged to the federal reserve banks as collateral for the chapter 11 bankruptcy, so that the corporation that is the US government could still get credit even though it was and is still in bankruptcy. That is why when someone signs their social security card, their drivers license, marriage license, bank credit card or ATM card, the presumption is that the person agreed to all the adhesion contracts connected with that card, which has the person's all capitalized name on it. Corporations such as municipal corporations (US govt., state govts, county govts, and city govts) have no hold over a flesh and blood individual unless that individual agrees to stand in place of the unincorporated trust created in their name by the US Dept. of Commerce. Various political groups have tried to deny these facts, but they now so well known and so widely known that their existence and truth are undeniable. 

These sovereign Americans are now forming a new government for the Republic of the united States. It is being done through the formation of Counties of sovereign individuals, composed of at least 25 persons each (,

State trial courts have consistently ruled that the concept of a "sovereign citizen" has no legal merit, but these courts are considered illegitimate by most sovereign Americans, as they exist merely to collect revenue from the "citizens" to pay the national debt, a debt which can never be paid since 1933 because there is no gold to pay the principle. Most of the material published on this website has been mischaracterized by persons hypocritically mascarading as against Defamation, but instead defaming that which they do not understand {{cite book|author=Sussman, Bernard J.|date=1999-08-29|title=Idiot Legal Arguments: A Casebook for Dealing with Extremist Legal Arguments|work=Militia Watchdog Archives|publisher=Anti-Defamation League|url=|accessdate=2007-09-13}}.

American Sovereigns now usually move their legal cases to the united states district court in Admiralty (as opposed to the U.S. District Court in Admiralty) where they are on equal footing with other parties to a case, because the original 13th Amendment of the Constitution precludes the signing or arguing of pleadings by members of the B.A.R., who are considered to be using and holding a foreign title of nobility (addressed Esquire) which is below that of a Knight (addressed as Sir), and below that of a gentleman. The sovereign American movement is a freedom movement, much the same as during the American Revolution, and the time of William Wallace, and it is still against the descendants of the same family groups.


Gale identified the [[Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution]] as the act that converted sovereign Americans who were citizens of one of the specific states, of the united States, into federal citizens through fraud and lack of disclosure of material facts regarding the governments use of registered certificates of live birth, in place of recording births and marriages in family bibles or other documents as was previously historically done, to create and sell bonds in every recorded birth name listed in all capital letters, without disclosure or permission, again, to fund the national debt to the federal reserve banks. Other commentators have identified a framework of laws that followed, as described by Colonel Edward Mandel House in a book called "Philip Drew, The Administrator" in 1912. This book predicted the entire process that the corporation of the US government followed, including HJR-192, and laws not disclosed to most Americans, so that they cannot opt out of the US citizenship that the entire US economy is now (in 2009) based upon.

While the vast majority of detractors of the sovereign American movement are primarily Jewish authors from the legal, banking, or academic sectors of society, the same sectors of the economy which have benefited disproportionately from the unincorporated trust scheme of the federal reserve banks, based upon birth certificate and other registrations using various government and bank card or document signatures, their denials of the sovereign American process as based in fact, and the false allegations of ethnocentrism used to defame sovereign Americans or their groups, is now an obviously abused falsehood. Sovereign Americans are not racist nor are they as a group ethnocentric. here is little if any proof of that in any publication of the current movement, which embraces all individuals that value freedom and liberty, or its publications or teachings, which are devoid of racial comment.Three current popular methods of attaining sovereignty: "Freedom Documents" by Tim Turner of, Creditors in Commerce Method, Redemption Method.  Militia Watchdog archives, [[Anti-Defamation League]] website.

C NOTE: Tim Turner is a fine gentleman & Patriot, who is vastly more versed at law than almost any judge you will find in any BAR Association Court. His perspective here that each person is sovereign to themselves is right on the mark & especially the fact that people can not be secretly contracted into agreements, furthermore, agreements which are ambiguous and/or intentionally misleading are fraud, as is the banking system. Peopleisim takes these concepts to the next level, recognizing the sovereign right of every individual to choose their own Constitution & government. We the people are the government. Peopleisim shifts the balance irrefutably to the people & lawfully authorizes prosecuting & arresting these criminal who act under the color of law in BAR Association Courts and the bankers governments.