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We Risk Our Very Lives For YOUR Freedom
Your Assistance Is Required.

Of all the organizations in the USA, Liberty For Life not only has real solutions, we know what needs to be done to recover our Nation and our Constitution. Without your assistance we cannot move forward. Simply fill out the form and we will send you our bank wire instructions or other ways in which you can help. Thank you for your support


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Clive has had everything taken from him by the out of control government. His businesses, finances, home, liberty and even his children. Clive has given everything for YOUR freedom. You can give back a little in return.

In regard to defending our freedom, in 1804, Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice and signer of the Declaration of Independence drove the issue home "either we all hang together, or we most assuredly will all hang separately".

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Tyranny feeds on fear, and flees when exposed.  Spread the word, spread the truth.  The truth will set us free. or

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You can assist in may ways, by voice, by contributing to this site and by financial support.  If a web page inspires you or offends you, or you simply find errors on the page and can improve it, please copy the page and simply edit it and email it back to us at
If you are interested in joining US contact us through or +1 (408) 889-4351 or through our online form ->.

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This website helps you.  Help us, as a consequence of ongoing government assaults we desperately need financial support.  Your financial support will help us survive and allow us to carry forward this voice and movement for freedom.

The apathy people have towards supporting people who risk their life for the liberty of others is an interesting subject.  Most individuals across the U.S. who are working to recover your liberty do so without compensation while the government mounts malicious assaults against them, throwing them in jail on false charges and kidnapping their children while typically bankrupting them (this is exactly what has happened to the founder of Liberty For Life Association).  It was no different for the Founding Fathers of the United States.  Criminals in our government however coin in on their crimes while the general populous they assault pays them without question.

The more who join, the stronger our voice and the faster we secure and make more secure our own and future generations liberty and freedom.

Team @ Liberty For Life