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Government Secrets & The CIA's Vilification Of The Term "Conspiracy Theory"

In what amounts to irrefutable proof of dangerous criminal conspiracies within the government to keep secrets, the National Archives Washington D.C. releases "Media Alert · Monday, July 24, 2017" - "National Archives Begins Online Release of JFK Assassination Records"

National Archives Begins Release of JFK Assasination Secrets"This set of 3,810 documents is the first to be processed for release, and includes FBI and CIA records—441 documents previously withheld in full and 3,369 documents previously released with portions redacted."

Naturally, the question remains as to what else the government conspiracy continues to keep secret.

Whenever the concept of "National Security" is raised, you can be assured the purpose is most likely to keep criminal conspiracies secure. In relation to war, we now know the wars themselves are results of criminal conspiracies to enrich international criminal banking cartels and their Masonic & Jesuit gangsters masters. Is the State and it's employees merely one large criminal conspiracy? These politicians who hold secrets certainly are not our public servants.

It is important to recognize that the CIA & FBI are entirely illegitimate and in blatant violation of the law. The Executive Office of the United States of America has NO authority to establish Police Agencies to preside over the public and world at large. The CIA & FBI are effectively Police State Gangs reminiscent of the Gestapo, established unlawfully by Presidential acts of High Treason against the people. After World War Two numerous Nazi SS Officers were literally secretly brought into the US and the CIA under "Operation Paper Clip".

The exceptionally serious question any responsible citizen should ask, is under what authority do government officials censor and hide crucial and critical information of profound public importance?

Over half a century after the JFK Assassination, the CIA is only now releasing documents relating to the assassination of one of the best Presidents the US had, a president who acted in the interests of the people to shut down the International Criminal Banking Cartels ownership of the US Federal Reserve Bank and that criminal conspiracies control and ownership of the US dollar. By reenacting the treasury through Executive Order 11110, JFK set himself in the sights of the criminal conspirators who own and control the US dollar, he was assassinated effectively in a Masonic ceremony within 6 months.

One of the other primary beneficiaries of Kennedy's assassination, the former Vice President Lyndon Johnson, promptly set aside JFK's Executive Order 11110 which would have fixed on of the US's worst criminal conspiracies, the privately owned US Federal Reserve Bank.

It should also be noted that Executive Orders themselves are also acts of treason by Presidents. The first President to put themselves in the position of the Legislature and "King", was dishonest Abraham Lincoln who caused more harm to the USA and world, than possibly any other president. Lincoln issued 3 executive Orders; the traitors Woodrow Wilson issued 1,791 EO's and Franklin Roosevelt 3,723 EO's.

It is now an irrefutable fact and not a theory, that the CIA & FBI acted as the cover-up agents in regard to the JFK Assassination. The facts relating to the CIA's now clear and obvious conspiracy to cover up information relating to the assassination of JFK, are no longer Conspiracy Theory, they are the Facts of a Criminal Conspiracy by the CIA.

The CIA and FIB, both illegitimate criminal agencies set up by Presidents, acted in similar fashion when it came to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Today in the case of 9/11, any one attemping to deny the the fact that the Washington D.C. Government had nothing to do with planning and carrying out 9/11, has to either be an idiot, an ignoramus or complicit.

A good article exposing the strategy the CIA utilized to weaponize the therm "Conspiracy Theory", in order to detract from the truth can be found here.

For links to some of the evidence the CIA withheld from the public regarding the assassination of JFK and have only released now click here.
CIA Strategy To Vilify Conspiracy Theory

From these previously secret documents, we now learn that the CIA conspired to "weaponize" the term "Conspiracy Theory", mustering all their media assets to hypnotize the public into a state of stupor. The first thing of someone who has been hipnotized when addressing a criminal conspiracy in government, is invariably a jaded sneer "Conspiracy Theory", as though their mere use of the word eliminates all sensible reasoning and argument.

We can all conclude, without any reservations or doubt, that the Government of the United States and the CIA are disgusting criminal enterprises. When you vote in their elections, whether or not your representative of choice wins the election, you hand your authority to the government. The US is a Republic not a Democracy.

It is time to get rid of Washington D.C., the US Federal Reserve Bank and the Masonic & Jesuit Gangs that control them. provides a peaceful, lawful and practical means of doing this. If you want to get rid of corrupt government, YOU have to take on the responsibility.