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Who Murdered Michael?

The video below shows an athletic Michael Jackson in superb physical shape as he prepared for his worldwide tour. Do official accounts and accounts in mainstream media completely contradict the clear evidence?

Mainstream media said Michael Jackson was an out-of-control pill popper, however, video's taken just before Michael's death show an super fit athletic performer that looks just like Michael Jackson.  Could these videos be of the actual Michael Jackson? And if the videos are of Michael Jackson, then why did mainstream media try to make it sound that Michael was an out of control pill-popper?  Perhaps for the answer to that question we should find out who owns the mainstream media companies and who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?

Those who sat through Michael's 'child abuse' trial in Santa Monica indicated that it was a complete sham designed to discredit Michael and take him out of the picture.  Michel along with Princess Diana were discrediting landmine manufacturers owned by the Queen.  When Michael put together a worldwide tour that would put him back on the map, did they have to go all the way and eliminate the threat?

Michel Jackson's music-video "They don't care about us" is right along the lines of what they are telling us on , and

Who murdered Michael and do they want to kill you too?

On a side note. Much of what we believed is often later proven flat out false. For example Abraham Lincoln was not honest! Michael in his video referred to Frank lyn D. Roosevelt as though he cared. FDR was an agent of the dark side, he allowed and enabled Pearl Harbor and World War II, he was clearly well aware of the fact that American bankers like Prescott Bush funded Hitler (Prescott Bush was the grandfather and father of Jr. and Sr. President George Bush's). FDR was an agent of the Old-New-World-Order. What is happening however is the rate of change in exposing the evil such as the obvious fact that Michael Jackson was murdered by the New World Order is rapidly decreasing as a consequence of this New Renaissance brought about by Internet and computers.

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