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Apple Moth Action

Historical INTRO: These recommendations were posted and regular folk, just like you, got together in Santa Cruz and publicized the facts and filed an action against the government.  After at first ruling the other way, Judge Burdick of the Santa Cruz Superior Court issued an order banning the Apple Moth gassing program.

  1. The Apple Moths have according to the government concentrated themselves along political boundaries, showing a high affinity for politically active regions opposed to the judicially appointed Bush dictatorship and active terrorist organization that is directly and irrefutably responsible for the invasion of other nations and the murder of millions of innocent people.
  2. There is no natural explanation for the apple moths to show such high concentrations in these urban areas.
  3. The areal company gassing the California Counties also specializes in areal distribution of insects such as the apple moth.
  4. The evidence put forward by the government is totally inconsistent and utterly illogical.
  5. Evidence proves irrefutably that the government was explicitly involved in all stages of the 9/11 attacks (47 Story WTC 7; Pentagon attack – no plane, hole too small; Marvin Bush head of security; Cheney War Games etc.)
  6. Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 – the U.S. invasion was and is utterly illegal and an extreme war crime.
  7. The use of nuclear waste weapons of mass destruction by the U.S. in the Gulf War is irrefutable and a war crime of extreme nature (2,000 tons of nuclear waste have been blasted in to the region in the form of armor piercing rounds and bunker busters.  Well over one million U.S. soldiers are disabled from the Gulf War, In Iraq Birth defects are up 600%).
  8. After extensive public studies and radar maps, Germany has finally admitted to secretly gassing the public through chemtrails. After being caught red handed the military stated that the chemtrials were “not harmful”. Evidence shows the chemtrails contain high doses of atomized heavy metals- these metals act as tranquilizers and can drive people insane. Additional elements in the sprays appear to be to eliminate testosterone.
  9. In other words the government is dosing the public through areal gassing into stupidity so that the New World Order’s goals of global domination are not interrupted.
    - A group of wealthy men who make Bill Gates look like a pauper, who want to completely dominate the world. They worship the Owl god of Moloch (see Bohemian Grove), participate in satanic / occult rituals (see Yale Bones Club), and celebrate genocide and mass destruction (WW1, 2, Vietnam, Gulf War etc.). They own our Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Dollar and create dollars out of nothing – i.e. they have blank checks to purchase anything, including the 5 media companies who dominate mainstream media in addition to purchasing our politicians, judges and police. Facts regarding this collusion are irrefutable the conspiracy is not a theory it is a fact.
  10. The U.S. Currently has more people in Jail, Prison and on Probation than every other nation in the world combined.  We are the worlds Worst Prison State (Department of Justice & International Prison Studies Statistics)
  11. The government has a massive buildup of Concentration Camps across the U.S. and have modified the laws so as to use the military to imprison citizens in Civilian Labor Camps (See Liberty For Life analysis).
  12. In Australia they reported that the reported technique our government is using for the apple moth infestations is not effective.
  13. The Judge the last petition was brought before, James Ware, also known as Lying Judge James Ware, is not in good standing and has dismissed all types of legitimate cases brought against the government, including Depleted Uranium cases and he has dismissed cases brought against the Police for their criminal actions. Our judges and politicians are plants and criminals.


  1. The government is actively involved in outrageous terrorist activities.
  2. The government has abandoned the Constitution and Common Law.
  3. Our government is the worlds worst terrorist enterprise.
  4. Our government has murdered millions and funded and partaken in genocide.
  5. Our government has carried out the worlds most violent and far reaching biological and nuclear weapons attacks (Hiroshima / Nagasaki; Vietnams Agent Orange; Gulf War DU)
  6. The government is controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank / the New World Order.
  7. The Apple Moth gassing is target at politically active regions.
  8. According to reports from doctors in Monterey 75% of the public became sick after the apple moth spraying. Thousands of birds died. Many residents reported signs of memory loss, indicating that they have become forgetful.
  9. The government refused to declare 57% of the ingredients of the apple moth spray.
  10. The government cannot be trusted.
  11. Similar plans need to be developed to combat the chemtrail spraying of the County.

For a summary of the New World Order implementation and preparation for the Elimination of The U.S. Constitution and the Imposition of a Fascist Marxist Dictatorship In the United States of America see Elimination U.S. Constitution

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