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NWO Columinist Hugh Hewitt

By G. Richard Arnold
Capitol Resource Institute
Distraction During an Active Coup       
Hugh Hewitt  (psychological behaviorist) Neo Con worked for Bilderberger William Kristol Weekly Standard (Father CIA) Irving Kristol supported Socialist Labor Government.
If Hugh Hewitt ... is not a part of the intelligence community in the selling out of U.S. sovereignty ... then he might as well be.
His whole life has "dove tailed" to the machinations of the International community's setting up of global governance while spouting time tested "conservative" jingoistic phrases. While mom and apple pie are great ... his maneuvers have almost always elevated insiders associated with the alphabet organizations of insiders who want to destroy our American constitution. 
The "timed attack on Iran" works together with the secularized coordinated media that is pushing to enrage the American people. CNN (CIA) with CIA "green" operatives ... "demonstrators" running around with signs in English in Iran.
This is a cookie cutter "color revolution". Communism under the guise of democracy.  
P. T. Barnum was right ... one can't underestimate the stupidity of the American people.
Hewitt has openly endorsed a candidate for US senate who was devoted to open borders. Hugh Hewitt had zero problem with lying to his listeners telling them just the opposite. 
Hugh Hewitt is a counterfeit conservative and a counterfeit American.
Hewitt is an puppet in the Punch and Judy Show carried on by the US media every day.
Right now while a communist coup is being domestically unleashed here in the U.S. ... Hewitt plays his part to assist with deliberate detraction.
Twelve trillion dollars was just stolen by the international bankers. Our industries are being transferred to other countries. Our infrastructure is being purchased. Our borders are left open.
The National Endowment of Democracy has been since it was founded in 1980's is part and parcel of not merely U.S. intelligence but those forces connected with the Council on Foreign Relations which is closer to the source of the anti-American policy.
While I agree with many of the contemporary issues you stand for ... your lack of a bigger overview ... such as exposing those funding your opposition and their broader goals. This ignorance of the political facts of life sets your supporters up for future defeats.
The goals and plans of the Council on Foreign Relations are crystal clear. They are in almost total command both the Republican and Democratic Party. This bipartisan treason together with the controlled media have condemns our  nation to death.
The blind men around the elephant are deliberately kept blind ... by the whipping up partisan hatreds. One does a disservice to one's integrity through the lying by omission.   
Hugh Hewitt uses Christians and Republicans to further the goals of World Government. Like sheep to slaughter Hewitt is as culpable as Jesse Jackson on the Left.
And ...
it is time your organization expose the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) ... their stated goals, their membership in both political parties. Col House in his book Phillip Dru Administrator like Hitler after him wrote in his Mein Kampf of a planned dictatorship.

Marxist Col. House origins of the CFR

Good Lord! Understanding the CFR in politics is a grade school matter. To hide the CFR's evolvement any longer your organization would be actively scuttling America's chance of recovery.
Do you not see the active communist coup taking place here now  ... or not?
See a list of those already in place waltzing the U.S. to it's demise: The Enemy?
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