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Guardians of the Free Republics Peaceful Recovery Fails

Guardians of the Free Republics project formally assembled Grand juries in every State. The Grand Juries indicted governors who violated the Constitution. Reflecting the utterly out of control state of the Nation and the fact that the media government and courts are completely controlled by criminals, mainstream media reported that 'threatening letters' had been sent to the governors. No mention what so every of Grand Jury Indictments or of any matter relating to the 5th Amendment dictated civilian Grand Jury process. Instead the media attempted to seek anything that would distort the truth and the legal procedure the Guardians of the Free Republic's followed.

Picking up an ancillary historical note at the end of Clive Boustred's extensive Resume which reflects two decades at the forefront of the Computer and Internet industries, some of the media and their lackeys attempted to suggest that because Clive was drafted into the military more than a quarter of a century ago, that somehow this reflected a military 'threat'. The level of desperation by media to avoid the real issues is almost amusing where the Nation not in such a desperate state.

In a similar action Liberty For Life Founder formally formed Grand Juries in accordance to the 5th Amendment and Common Law and indicted the criminals in the Judiciary, District Attorneys office and Sheriffs who have literally on multiple occasions attempted to murder Clive, kidnapped his children and continue to hold them hostage and literally stole his multi million dollar home. The reaction of the public servants who control the Courts was to simply file more false charges against Clive and sentence him without trial to nine years in prison.

The question we ask is if it is time to move from the 1st Amendment to the 2nd?
What would you do to someone who tried to murder you, kidnapped your children and stole your home? Should citizens across the Nation should go on hunting trips to neighboring counties? The Declaration of Independence pales in comparison to how outrageous this government is to King George's government the Founders kicked out in an armed revolution. This time it would be a counter revolution to expel terrorists from administrative positions in the government. The bankers have such a tight control of society, they hire sheriffs, judges, highway patrol and our military to suppress liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness. Uncoordinated individual patriots making guerilla attacks on terrorists in government is however something the criminals that control the US government will not be able to suppress. MenuVert

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